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Test your sites on IE from linux

I work all the time on Linux, but unfortunately there are some bugs that happened just for Internet Explorer so i used to reboot, test on windows, fix it, and then reboot and continue working on linux.

This process is annoying reboot, fix, test, etc. but thanks to Wine. We can install Internet Explorer on Linux, for that we can use:

IEs4Linux this script can install several versions of IE 5, 5.5, 6 even you can install IE 7 (not fully supported)

Here are some screenshots of the process and IE running

Another option is to use Wine-Doors, it’s an script that help us installing window’s software like Ares, Flash 8, Internet Explorer 6 etc.


With the previous options IE not always runs like on windows. There is another option running windows under Linux as a virtual machine for that purpose you can use virtual box, qemu, vmware.

My choose is Virtual Box Open Source Edition, here is a good tutorial on how to install it and some screenshots of my virtual box running IE6 and IE7

Virtual Box