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Prototype Compressed

I am a prototype user, but i want to save some bandwidth using a compressed version, so i start looking for it and i found a compressed version called
protopack it includes different versions, just spaces removed ( no eval required ), encrypted(eval required) and gziped version for both. i prefere the just spaces removed version since it dosen’t require use of eval.

Another good option is to use the Google AJAX Libraries API that serves a compressed version of prototype that will be cached by a year and sent with compression headers , you can include it using the full url or the Googles’s API

  2. <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  4. OR
  6. <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  7. <script type="text/javascript">
  8. google.load("prototype", "");
  9. </script>

You can find compressed versions of scriptaculous, jQuery, MooTools, dojo as well.
The bad thing is there are no https support so it wont work for secure sites.

Google Developer Day 2008 – Mexico City

Yesterday, Monday 23 2008 I have the opportunity to assist to the Google Developer Day Mexico City, the first two talks were about Google and the Mexican market and an overview of their new product for developers ( android, maps, open social, etc. ) this first two talks were in Spanish, after a launch it was a breakout with 4 different options, the talks i have the opportunity to go were:

  • Open Social introduction by Chris Schalk: Open Social is a technology that allow us to create applications for social networks with the advantage it will run on every platform that supports open socials ( Hi5, Orkut, IGoogle, Linkedin ) the talk was about Were Open Social is going, what can we do and what to expect from it, Google friend connect,, how to create some basic application and how to implement on our how servers.
  • IGoogle + gadgets by Bruno Bowden: IGoogle is you own personalized start page where you can add a lot of gadgets to it ( weather, jobs gmail, etc. ) This talk was about creating gadgets for IGoogle , and the new support of Open Social and the new canvas mode
  • Gears by Dion Almaer: this was the talk i like the most, i really like the idea that we can use gears to create an offline version or speed a site up like is doing, but when i got home and try to install gears on my machine i realized that Linux 64 bits is not supported :-(
  • Google Maps API Advanced by Pamela Fox: This talks was about using tile layers with Google maps so we can use our own maps, images or anything we want to zoom in using Google maps, right now i am using Zoomifyer for this purpose but i hope with this info move to Google maps. pretty cool!

Test your sites on IE from linux

I work all the time on Linux, but unfortunately there are some bugs that happened just for Internet Explorer so i used to reboot, test on windows, fix it, and then reboot and continue working on linux.

This process is annoying reboot, fix, test, etc. but thanks to Wine. We can install Internet Explorer on Linux, for that we can use:

IEs4Linux this script can install several versions of IE 5, 5.5, 6 even you can install IE 7 (not fully supported)

Here are some screenshots of the process and IE running

Another option is to use Wine-Doors, it’s an script that help us installing window’s software like Ares, Flash 8, Internet Explorer 6 etc.


With the previous options IE not always runs like on windows. There is another option running windows under Linux as a virtual machine for that purpose you can use virtual box, qemu, vmware.

My choose is Virtual Box Open Source Edition, here is a good tutorial on how to install it and some screenshots of my virtual box running IE6 and IE7

Virtual Box