Real housewives write extensions.

One of the firefox extensions that i have installed is View Source Chart wich as said on the extension page “Draws A Color-Coded Chart of a Web Page’s Source Cod” what i like about it, is that it displays the html generated by javascript and the original code, not only the code viewable with the “view source” option.

i was using it when i realized that at the very bottom there is a hided message “Real housewives write extensions”, i attached an image of that message


2 thoughts on “Real housewives write extensions.

  1. luka

    Thanks for the info about this line cause I was afraid that someone hacked my site ;) Do you know who and way did someone put this cause it makes no sense while it is hidden?!

  2. renelc Post author

    it was added as hidded message by the creator of that plugin, sometimes the programers add hidded messages just for fun

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